micro controller programming tutorial. detailed video on micro controller programming 3

This channel explains details and concept of electronics circuit design (Embedded design). This channel will be having all the details about circuit design, requirement analysis, component selection, digital circuit, analogue circuit, micro controller, micro processors, embedded C, PCB design and project development. This channel is implementation oriented. Tutorial on engineering projects and guidance for EC engineering student will be available in this channel video.
Tutorial on electronic and communication project will be provided for free. simple and useful concepts of electronics design will me explained in a easy to learn manner. All the details in this YouTube channel can be shared through gmail for the students. This tutorial focus on the electronics department of education. learning the art of electronics.
videos in this you tube channel will help engineering student to understand Bill of Materials, Design Engineering, Design Specifications, Engineering Documentation, Environmental Engineering, Failure Analysis, Quality Improvement and Research & Development (R&D).
we answer the questions of students and experienced professional through gmail, hotmail, facebook and twitter.
we give the answer to many questions in electronics like why is education important, what to do in higher education and How to get a job.

This channel will help in understanding school education, selecting higher education, importance of education, drawbacks of our bad education system.

This set of tutorials will be in malayalam, english and hindi.

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