Tango en Skai By Roland Dyens – Guitar Tutorial Walk Through (B section)

Tango en Skai by Roland Dyens is an iconic guitar showpiece. This is the 4th guitar lesson (see below for the other lessons) in a series which sets out the first (B) section in a bar by bar walk through. This is the section with all of Roland Dyens fancy, flying, finger work across the fretboard. A.K.A the flashy bits. The fingering hacks and little extra classical guitar nuances that are required are also touched upon in this guitar lesson. So grab the score and follow along to find out where and when you need to stop bass strings, laser ahead or dig into extra technique.

So if you want to securely play this Tango en Skai, and play it fast, grab the FREE GUIDE and follow along. Get the guide, which has all the examples in this video in it, along with TAB and a bonus classical guitar lesson on the history and style of the Tango. So that you can play it authentically, while still showing off. The lesson has a free study guide which you can get at:


Part 1 (Tango en Skai lesson) covers the three most challenging technical areas, grab it on the link below.


Part 2 (Tango en Skai lesson) covers the next two challenges, along with the harmonics, and how to achieve that Tango staccato.


Part 3 (Tango en Skai lesson) covers walks through the first page, (A) section in a bar by bar guitar lesson.


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