microsoft sql server dba tutorial Videos || SQL SERVER TRAINING

microsoft sql server dba tutorial Videos || SQL SERVER TRAINING

Complete SQL Server Development Tutorial Videos ₹ 999:
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SVR Technologies instructor-led SQL Server DBA Training will provide you with all the skills required to become a successful database administrator. Our course will teach you from the basics of the SQL Server database to the significant concepts like architecture, query design, SQL clustering, performance tuning and more through working on real-time projects. By the end of this SQL Server DBA online training, you will gain complete knowledge of SQL Server Database. You will also work with live projects which are primarily in-line with SQL Server DBA Certification Exam.

classroom training, you will also receive official SQL course material issued by Microsoft for ‘Querying Data with Transact-SQL’ and ‘Developing SQL Databases.’ Accredited by Microsoft, this online SQL training by Microsoft-certified

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SVR Technologies Microsoft SQL training course is an online classroom training meant for developers to master the descriptive language to work for relational databases. Important topics included in this SQL course are SQL introduction,

This course is designed for clearing the Microsoft Certified Database Administrator (MCDBA) Exam. The complete course is created by industry experts for professionals to get top jobs in the best organizations. The entire training includes real-world projects and case studies that are highly valuable. You will also receive course completion certificate by Microsoft for Administering Microsoft SQL Server 2014 Databases.
Upon the completion of the training, you will have quizzes that will help you prepare for the Microsoft certification exam and score top marks.

👉 Complete SQL Server Course ₹ 999:

SQL Server DBA Course Topics: ⇩

➤ DBA Responsibilities
➤ Versions of SQL Server
➤ Instance Types
➤ SQL Server Installation
➤ Create Database (System Databases, User Databases)
➤ Database Configuration
➤ Server Level Security (Types of Authentication, Roles, schemas)
➤ SQL Transaction
➤ SQL Jobs
➤ SQL Mail configuration
➤ Operators
➤ Alerts
➤ Indexes
➤ SQL Profiler
➤ Dynamic Management Views
➤ SQL Tuning
➤ Database Level Tuning
➤ System Tables, catalog views
➤ Linked Servers
➤ Database Backup
➤ Restore
➤ Log shipping
➤ Clustering
➤ Replication
➤ Always on

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