FullStack Auth From Scratch – Ep. 14 1/2 | App Deployment | DB Update | Mobile CSS Start

FullStack Auth From Scratch – Ep. 14 1/2
App Deployment | DB Update | Mobile CSS Start
We are back in action with a super awesome project! This time we are learning how to code up a sign-up/login feature with full authorization and authentication using JSON Web Tokens.

Thanks to Youtube dropping the server connection and forcing it to end only after 24 minutes last session. We are picking up where we got cut off last time, deploying our backend and updating our DB credentials. We may start doing some basic mobile styling depending on progress.

This project is loosely based on Coding Garden with CJ’s series “Noob Quest – Auth from Scratch” where we will be following the same standards and practices, but delivered in a more compact project.

## OG Project
[ Noob Quest: Auth from Scratch ] – https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLM_i0obccy3tfAersmDaq7-WFqvooNOXf

## Helpful Links
[ Rabbitwerks Flexbox Utility ] – https://github.com/rabbitwerks/flexbox-util-v1

[ Netlify ] – https://www.netlify.com

[ Now.SH ] – https://zeit.co/home

[ Mongo Atlas ] – https://www.mongodb.com/cloud/atlas

### Project Repo:
Server: https://github.com/rabbitwerks/fsafs-live–server
Client: https://github.com/rabbitwerks/fsafs-live–client

### RabbitWerks.js Discord

### HTML All The Things Podcast
Check out the Podcast Here!

### RabbitWerks CodeBeatz Spotify Playlist

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Live project work. Coding in JavaScript.
Please feel free to leave a comment or suggestion in the chat!

Thank you and Enjoy!

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