Closing His FIRST EVER Cold Call! (Live Cold Calling Tutorial)

Connor has never made a Cold Call in his life, and today he CLOSED his first ever call! Vic also jumps on the phone in this video to talk with a business owner whos on the fence about investing in digital marketing, where he breaks down the benefits and also closes the deal! This was a HUGE DAY.

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My name is Vic and I’m the Founder & CEO of Social Gravity; a Social Media & Digital Marketing Agency located in the great northland of Canada. I started this company by complete accident, on my laptop, dead broke from my girlfriend’s couch! NO LIE. If I can make this business work without even really trying at the beginning, then there’s no reason that YOU can’t make it happen for yourself as well. I want to share all of our secrets, our systems and our successes with you in order to amplify the success you have in the Social Media & Digital Marketing space. Thanks for watching!

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