Jason Blaha Child Grooming Tutorial – How To Fix Arm Bend When Working With Young Boys?!!!

Jason Blaha is YouTube’s premier child-friendly bodybuilder! Jason Blaha has a lot of experience working with kids, especially in New Mexico. Jason Blaha knows all there is to know about young boys and building muscle! 😀

Dear YouTube employee,

Jason Blaha is a liar, a racist and a professional conman. He makes money off slandering people in the fitness industry, people like Jerry Ward, AlphaDestiny, Layne Norton and Jesse from Athlean-X. These people can confirm they have been slandered. Jason Blaha has extreme political views, he said he wants to execute Saudi Arabians living in America and drop nuclear bombs on Mekka. He also wants to execute politicians and their families if they are unable to balance budgets. Jason Blaha knows his statements are highly controversial and has threatened to shoot people if they confront him. Jason Blaha claimed he is a CIA agent, and attempted to set up a business in selling homemade weapons and tactical training. Jason Blaha was never in the CIA, as confirmed by his father.

The intent of this channel is to expose Jason Blaha as the fraud that he is. He is endangering people by giving training advice for money, without any credentials or coaching experience. He should not be allowed to earn money on your platform. Please watch these videos linked below, they are compilations of what Jason Blaha has said and done. Thank you.


Post Author: hatefull