GCSE Maths AQA November 2018 Paper 3 Higher Tier Walkthrough

A complete walk through of AQA GCSE Maths November 2018 Higher Tier – Paper 3 calculator. Help revise for the 8300 new specification 9-1 mathematics exams and your mock. This walkthrough tutorial has full solutions to each question, so you can use it like a mark scheme.

Choose to watch the whole walkthrough, or use the handy timestamps below to jump straight to the questions you want help with:

0:00:00 – Intro
0:01:45 – Q 1 – Translations with Column Vectors
0:02:34 – Q 2 – Metric unit conversion with expressing one number as a fraction of another
0:03:41 – Q 3 – Find the nth term of a linear sequence
0:04:54 – Q 4 – Lowest Common Multiples
0:05:17 – Q 5 – Error Intervals
0:06:23 – Q 6 – Interpreting a Time series graph
0:11:00 – Q 7 – Proofs
0:15:26 – Q 8 – Compound interest
0:17:35 – Q 9 – Perimeter of compound shapes (circle and rectangle)
0:22:37 – Q10 – Solving linear inequalities
0:23:50 – Q11 – Trigonometry in right angled triangles
0:25:28 – Q12 – Plotting cubic equations
0:26:15 – Q13 – Probability and expectation
0:27:38 – Q14 – Mean Average
0:29:50 – Q15 – Surface areas of pyramids and cylinders
0:38:53 – Q16 – Dependant Probability
0:42:18 – Q17 – Indices
0:43:05 – Q18 – Histograms
0:46:52 – Q19 – Limits of Accuracy
0:50:02 – Q20 – Transformation of curves
0:52:55 – Q21 – Speed distance time
1:00:29 – Q22 – Iterative formula
1:06:09 – Q23 – Similar triangles with Pythagoras theorem
1:10:30 – Q24 – Volumes of spheres and cones with ratio
1:17:06 – Q25 – Transformaions – Invariant points after reflection
1:18:29 – Q26 – Function notation – Inverse functions
1:21:10 – Advertisement Break! Topic Tests
1:21:52 – Q27 -Coordinate geometry – Intersection of circle and straight line
1:31:18 – Advertisement Break! Patreon
1:31:45 – Q28 – Properties of a parabola
1:31:52 – Outro

Corrections: Q25 – I circle the wrong answer. It should of course be B & C! I do clearly say this in the video, but I placed the ring in the wong spot when editing the video together. Doh!

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