DotA 2 Tutorial – How to Get Out of a Game You Don't Want to be in Without Getting an Abandon

Just follow the procedure shown in this video and you’ll be able to dodge a shitty team comp, a toxic team comp, etc, whenever you want!

To those of you inevitably about to bitch about my handwriting: Obviously I don’t write like a 4 year old in real life, but using a mouse fucks me up ;

Also, the music is used under Fair Use Policy. If you are afraid you may be watching copyright infringing content, just mute the vid. I promise the audio is mostly irrelevant.

Also, the shit talked *cough cough* – views expressed in this video are used solely for memetic purposes and may or may not (PROBABLY NOT) have any bearing on my actual belief (BC OFC SOME FUK 10 YEARS FROM NOW IS GONNA QUOTE MINE THIS.)

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