💻Tutorial: Create A Responsive Modern Login Form for Smartphones (HTML, CSS, bootstrap4) 2020 🤖

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👋Hello, I’ m Eleftheria, a front-end developer, part-time master student, freelancer, and chocolate lover.
In this video I’m creating a login form with validation error, using html, css, bootstrap4, font-awesome4.7. The project is optimized for smartphones and is responsive.

✏️Design provided by: Nikoleta

💻Find the code:
Github: https://github.com/EleftheriaBatsou/modernLoginWithBootstrap4
Codepen: https://codepen.io/EleftheriaBatsou/pen/YzPRKRb?editors=1000

🎉The colors I’m using:
light-green: #95D99B;
dark-green: #4D6F50;

💪Helpful Video:
How to create an app in less than 10 min using PhoneGap – https://youtu.be/3vmwAcKXS80

🙆Would you care about buying me a coffee? You can do it here — paypal.me/eleftheriabatsou
but If you can’t that’s ok too!

🤓Let’s stay in touch:
twitter — https://twitter.com/BatsouElef
instagram — https://www.instagram.com/eleftheriab
website — http://eleftheriabatsou.com/
github — https://github.com/EleftheriaBatsou
codepen — http://codepen.io/EleftheriaBatsou/

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