ZERO-SUM BUDGET TEMPLATE & TUTORIAL | Make your money work for you!! 💸

ZERO-SUM BUDGET TEMPLATE & TUTORIAL | Make your money work for you!

Learn how to make a zero-sum budget!

What’s so special about a zero-sum budget? All of your money is assigned a job. Every dollar. Every penny.

Whether it’s rent, transportation, repaying student debt, or long-term savings, your money is going to work for you. And that’s a great feeling.

Download Renaissance Womanhood’s Zero-Sum Budget Template and let us guide you through budgeting for an entire year! In one easy Excel budget worksheet you can track your income, track your expenses, and plan your savings.

Download the Excel Worksheet:

Download the FREE PDF:

This worksheet was created in Microsoft Excel. The Excel file is compatible with Numbers and Google Sheets, but some formatting may be lost when the file is converted. For optimal performance, Microsoft Excel should be used.

Happy budgeting! 🌞

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