The BEST methods on how to quit your job instantly and make money online from home and in person. Never have to work again in just 12 months. MUST WATCH if you work full time 40+ hours a week.

I hope you enjoy the video! If we hit 100 likes on this video I’ll be making a second video about how to make $5,000 a month online from home if you only had 180 days to do so.

These 3 methods are the best because they follow these 3 criteria:
1) Require very little experience (no degree needed)
2) Require very little money
3) Are great for making money in a short period of time

The first method is about how to make money blogging a step by step guide for beginners. No longer do you need millions of website visitors a month. All you need is an amazon affiliate account and 1/100th of the visitors to replace your income. The combination of blogging and affiliate marketing with easy to rank for google keywords brings in consistent monthly revenue. With just a few hours of your time you can create blogs that rank 1st page on Google and bring in $100 to $1,000+ a month. You can your sites like wordpress, wix, squarspace, magento and so many more. If you’d like to squeeze out more money online you can monetize your blog with google ads. You don’t need very much experience at all or any following whatsoever. This tutorial shows how to make money blogging from 0 to 1000. After finding products in amazon’s affiliate program that yields 8 to 10% you can begin writing 1,500+ word blog posts and referring your traffic through your link. The best part is you make money not only on the product you linked to but anything else that person buys in the next 24 hours as long as it’s all done on the same device and they don’t click someone else’s affiliate link.

The second method is about how to make money with shopify dropshipping. Using sites like Aliexpress you can find products to sell on your ecommerce store. Then you create a dropshippping website and business using shopify. To get instant traffic you can use Facebook and Instagram advertising. Using the tips in this video you can begin living the dropship lifestyle and make money online while traveling and avoid the common pitfalls most others make. If done right you could easily finding yourself with a newly found 6 figure income.

The third and final method is real estate investing with no money. This is an amazing strategy that works in real estate for beginners. This step by step guide show you how to purchase properties from wholesalers using no money of your own. Instead you use commercial lenders to lend you money based of the homes after repair value (ARV). Done right this method can make you $20,000 to $100,000 richer in a very short period of time. You will also be receiving passive income, positive cash flow, great tax benefits and you can live for free. Awesome right?

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