Python Turtle Graphics Rainbow Colors using Arrays – Python Beginners Tutorial – Learn Python Fast

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Because we are a slow talker, we recommend you use the YouTube “Tools Cog” on the player bar to watch the video at a speed of 1.5x or even 1.75x.

In this Lesson, we build on the Python Turtle Drawing Skills which we have progressively developed in previous lessons.
(Eg. You need to have done Lessons 1-6 on Python Turtle Graphics before this Lesson)

Check the Passy’s World of ICT Python Course at to see what these Lessons are and go to them where needed.

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You do not have to use PyScripter for our Course. All of the program code will run in Python 3.7 or higher.
So if you want to use other popular Python IDE’s like PyCharm or MU, that will be okay.

In this Python Lesson we will:
– Learn About the “ROY G BIV” set of “Primary Colors” which form the Colors in a Rainbow.
– Set up the “Storage Compartments” in an Array for storing items all of the same type.
– Make a STORAGE ARRAY TABLE where we can store a Rainbow set of RGB colors.
– Learn How and Why Array Index Reference Numbers start at 0, and not at 1.
– Learn How to use an “Index” to Read the Array and get a specific RGB Color Value.
– Learn How to use a Processing Loop to progress through the Rainbow Colors Array.
– Learn How to use Python % Remainder Processing to slow down the color changes.
– Learn How to create beautiful Rainbow Colored Spiral Patterns!

It will be fun making the Random Rainbow Drawings, but you need to study and understand the program code, as well as the organisation structure of the program steps. The primary objective is to learn HOW TO USE STORAGE ARRAYS and DO REMAINDER DIVISION. This will set the foundation for learning during later Python Projects.

The learning here will be essential for future Python Programming Lessons we will be progressively adding to our Channel.

Because we are a slow talker, we recommend you use the YouTube “Tools Cog” on the player bar to watch the video at a speed of 1.5x or even 1.75x.

If you are a Teacher watching this video then click the downloads link below and get all of the lesson materials for your students.

Give these resources to your students and we think you will find that some of them will “get it” very quickly. The other students need to watch this video which goes through everything in full detail slowly step by step with repetition of examples.

This is a detailed video, if you want to fast track learning, then just Download and quickly work through the PDF of Step by Step Instructions using the Link given further down below.

There is also a second Introduction and Overview PDF document giving a set of Learning Objectives for the Lesson.

Then for anything you do not fully understand in these two documents, simply use the Timeline Index below to go and watch the relevant section of Video explanation.

If you have the time it will be extremely beneficial to watch the entire video to maximize learning outcomes.


(Click on the time number to jump to that section of the video).

00:00 to 01:23 Introduction and Overview
01:23 to 02:59 Lessons you need to have done
02:59 to 04:36 Learning Objectives
04:36 to 06:02 Overview of Rainbow Colors
06:02 to 07:00 Preview of Challenge Tasks
07:00 to 07:58 ROY G BIV Seven Color Rainbow
07:58 to 09:48 Python RGB Array of Rainbow Colors
09:48 to 15:21 Storage Arrays and Indexing
15:21 to 18:05 Spiral Tube of Rainbow Circles
18:05 to 22:22 Rainbow Spiral of Tilting Squares
22:22 to 24:18 Using Loop Count % n to Slow the Colors
24:18 to 24:32 Rainbow Eye Program
24:32 to 24:58 Challenge Task 1 – Rainbow Hexagon Tunnel
24:58 to 27:18 Challenge Task 2 – Rainbow Reversing Triangles Spiral
27:18 to 28:07 Challenge Task 3 – Make Your Own Rainbow Drawing
28:07 to 28:15 Our Website Python Programming Course
28:15 to 28:39 Video Wrap Up and Outro

This video will be useful for anyone learning Computing, especially students doing VCE Applied Computing or VCE Software Development or HSC Computing high school courses in Australia, and GCSE in the UK.

Check with your Teacher or Instructor before getting any Downloads from our Website, as they may already have these materials for you.

You can download a hard copy of the Step By Step Instructions Guide, and the Full Program Code at the following link:

Check with your Teacher or Instructor first, as they may already have these Download materials for you.

You can check out our full Python Programming Course at the following link:

We are planning to make a number of Structured Programming Videos that will be a great course for people to learn how to Program in Python.

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