Your Next Adventure Tarot spread

This spread uses the 5’s in tarot. See the original post on Tarotingie here:
Deck used in video is the Giant Rider Waite Deck. Get it here:

The Tarot cards that are a 5 in numerology are:
5 of wands
5 of cups
5 of swords
5 of pentacles

Shuffle and cut the whole deck. Layout one card at the time and the first 5 that shows up will tell you what Adventure you are most likely to go on the way you are going now.

The Hierophant: If your first card is the Hierophant, you could go on an Adventure involving Being of Service. Many will be drawn to building and creating beauty in the World. Perhaps you volunteer in a charity that rebuilds villages, water projects, tree planting, conservation etc. Many will have a deep need to be with a Soul Partner, and many will do this together with a loved one. If single, this Adventure could for some bring a love interest in your life. You most likely have gone through a Major Metamorphosis in your life and you are ready to Advance to your Next Level in your own personal development.

Temperance: If your first card is Temperance, you most likely will go on a Spiritual journey to a foreign land where the culture will give you the contrast to see something clearly and to give you a higher perspective. For some, there could have been a collapse of Ego and unhealthy patterns revealed. Many are now ready to be more dedicated to themselves and their journey. This journey will connect you back to your Soul and your heart will have a healing. Many are seeking harmony and good health. Some will be faced with some fears around making decisions and there could be a need to clear up Confusion. In this group, you find the Peaceful Warrior, the Diplomats, and Peace-keepers. Many will have their Faith restored as a result of this Adventure. This is a Path that will help give the Seeker Clarification on their many Questions.

Five of Wands: If your first card is Five of Wands, you are most likely driven by Curiosity, Adrenalin, an Escape, and you would like to be seen for what you can do. Many could be revisiting a place from their past, a place where their dreams began. Some could also be going after creative goals and you must have faith in your abilities. Many will also have a sacred union in their lives, or they will manifest a sacred union relationship. This card also denotes adventures where the Seeker is facing their Fears and their shadow self, including dealing with people who are lacking in self-esteem. There are often many surprises with Five of wands and Success comes from an Unknown source. This is an adventure where the Seeker will try and escape themselves but finds themselves instead.

Five of Cups: If your first card is Five of Cups, you could be reconnecting with an old side to your personality, one that you might not have been in contact with for a while. Many could be in need to have more rest, and this Adventure will show the Seeker how to gain more balance within. This adventure will also teach the Seeker perseverance. You could be in the middle of an Initiation process where your visions can grow and take form. Many could be in the middle of an emotional storm they wish they could escape from. It could be hard to get a full perspective on everything that is going on. Clarity will come, and the Seeker could have a renewal in a personal relationship.

Five of Swords: If your first card is Five of swords, you could be going on an Adventure that reshapes your sense of who you are on a deep spiritual level. The Seeker could be at a cross-road in life and perhaps they feel they have to take a big leap of faith. Some could also have felt very let down or they could be dealing with fears of betrayal. This Adventure could be career motivated and the Seeker could feel out of their comfort zone. They must be strong-minded and determined without pushing away people who care about them.

Five of Pentacles: If your first card is Five of Pentacles, you could go on an Adventure to heal and regain your Vitality and love for life. Many will go on an Adventure in a group or as a couple. Many will be drawn to Retreats where they can reflect on desired new beginnings. Many will need time away to get clarification on decisions made and to be made. This adventure could bring the vital energy back to the Seeker and they could end up having a major breakthrough in their life. New visions and new ideas come to fruition.

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