How to manage simple PRODUCTS in ScandiPWA – PWA Magento tutorial

In this video, we are demonstrating how to manage simple products in ScandiPWA theme, PWA theme for Magento. You will see how to add how to change a product description, how to change a stock of a product, set minimum and maximum allowed quantity in the cart, how to set recommended products, and how the review summary is displayed on the product description page.

All the changes made in the backend will be updated immediately due to the ScandiPWA caching solution. No cache flush or any other manual operations are necessary!

➡️ To edit a simple product, open “Catalog” in your Magento backend admin sidebar. Then choose “Products” and click “Edit”.

➡️ To edit a product stock:
Click “Advanced Inventory”, untick the “Use Config Settings” option and set “Yes” in the “Manage Stock” section. You can now edit a product’s quantity. Click “Done”.

➡️ To edit a product description:
Navigate to the “Content” section and enter a desired content to the “Description” field. Click “Save”.

➡️ To set minimum and maximum quantity allowed:
Open “Advanced Inventory”, and enter the stock to the corresponding fields “Minimum Qty Allowed in Shopping Cart” and “Maximum Qty Allowed in Shopping Cart”. Click “Save”.

➡️ To add recommended products:
Navigate to “Related Products, Up-Sells, and Cross-Sells”, click “Add Related Products”, select the products and click “Add Selected Products”. Then, click “Save”.

➡️ To manage reviews:
To manage reviews, go to the “Marketing” section in the backend, “Pending Reviews”, select a review from the list and select the desired status.

Thanks to ScandiPWA advanced caching solution, you don’t need to flush the cache every time you make changes in the backend. All the changes will be visible on your frontend immediately!

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