Gappsy Review – Mobile App Builder Walk-through Lifetime Deal

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What Gappsy is and it’s functionalities? – 0:48
How to Build a Mobile App without coding – 3:24
Pros and Cons of the mobile app builder – 26:32
Roadmap discussion – 30:56

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Gappsy is a visual mobile App builder that can help you to build Andriod and IoS apps visually without coding or installing software on the desktop.

Gappsy is based on an open-source Siberian CMS and provides specialized product top of it with new modules, themes, layouts and makes sure that there are no bugs, that it works with the fastest speed possible, and that they offer the best possible customer support.

There is a white-label package, and you can have your backend dashboard and teammates. It won’t show Gappsy or anything related to our brand name anywhere. It will show your own logo, your own URL, your our email server, your own login section for your teammates.

With a non-whitelabel package, you need to login to the gappsy dashboard and see their gappsy logo. When an app is published in the app stores, you will not see a logo from gappsy, or the whitelabel company.

With Gappsy mobile app developer, you will get App hosting and they also provide source code for the Apps you build. The apps are coded with Angularjs, and they are native.

It has got great functionalities such as Iframe, booking, QR scan, push notifications, membership, social wall, Maps, Analytics, Admob Integration, Woocommerce, and much more.

It’s a growing platform with so many exciting features.

Gappsy Pros
No technical or coding knowledge required to build a mobile App
It’s a visual drag and drops mobile App builder
It provides App, and it services hosting
It provides the App’s source code with APK files
You don’t need to install any software on your PC; instead, everything is on the WEB
They support membership, push notifications, Admob, Analytics, and more
Highly responsive developer who listens to the customer and very passionate
Exciting roadmap for the App

Gappsy Cons
No or very less tutorial and documentation
The UI is not 100% beginner-friendly
The product is not a fully developed system; instead, it’s a growing platform with new functionality added

It’s a great visual mobile app builder, and the lifetime deal is fantastic because it provides you to build 5 apps for 100$, which means one app cost is a mere 20$.

It’s a growing mobile app builder, so if you’re interested in building a professional and feature-rich mobile app for your business without no technical knowledge.

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