Scale To 10K/Day Dropshipping using ClickFunnels in 2020 | Scaling Facebook Ads

Learn how you can combine dropshipping with ClickFunnels with your standard ecommerce store using Shopify or CommerceHQ to maximize your scaling facebook ads in 2020.

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Hi Pirates!

Today’s video is a very important one because in 2020 we’ll just continue to see what we saw from 2017-2018, and 2018-19 – which is increased costs with things like Facebook ads.

As facebook ads keep increasing, we need to work to be better marketers so we can maximize our ROI from our paid marketing.

This is simple things like selling high quality products that people actually want to buy, using great videos and other creatives that look professional and communicate our marketing messages i.e. how our product is going to benefit our customer when they purchase it.

BUT…from a data standpoint, to be able to scale our facebook ads to higher spend and maximize our Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) a very important thing you can do (and should be focusing on GREATLY) is increasing the amount of money our customers give us in an Order.

Now, I usually talk about CommerceHQ Dropshipping but…this is where sales funnels come in and the BEST software to build a sales funnel is ClickFunnels. Here is the link in case you want to check it out after watching this facebook ads scaling in 2020 video today

You’ve probably heard this before – the person who can SPEND the most to get a customer WINS! and it’s so true.

I have a video coming out in the next week or two that explains how you should be scaling and why scaling to a break-even ROAS at SCALE is where you want to be sitting (so make sure you subscribe to my channel so you don’t miss that video – it’s a massive video and maybe my best one yet!).

Now, this is where sales funnels come in for dropshipping. As you will see in my dropshipping tutorial today, sales funnels allow us to make more money per customer which means we have more money to go out and spend on advertising to get a sale.

That’s because a sales funnel software like ClickFunnels allows us to add one time upsells and downsells after someone purchases from our store, which means we can sell someone 3 items instead of just the 1 item that we normally would sell them using Shopify or CommerceHQ.

Once you have a sales funnel set up converting well on the first offer (the frontend offer) and you optimize your upsells, you’re going to be in a great position for 2020 to really scale up your paid marketing. You can build our your email flows in klaviyo to bring people who dont buy from your funnel back to your offer, as well as send them to your shopify store once they convert as a post purchase (I have a video on this coming very soon so stay tuned and subscribe 🙂 )

Again, for click funnels pricing see the link above. That link will also show you the clickfunnels dashboard so you get an idea of what it looks like.

Thank you, and hopefully I see you in my private coaching group soon!

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