Python Django : Create Web App (1st Tutorial)

This video is about how to create Web App using Python Django Web Framework.

Welcome to Python Django : Create Web App (1st Tutorial)

1. Make sure Python, PIP, IDE and Virtual Environment is installed and configured.

Note* I’ll using VSCODE IDE

Steps :
1. mkdir (foldername) (Where you want to keep Django Whole Project)
2. cd (foldername)
3. then create virtual environment (python -m venv (anyVirtualEnvName))
4. then go to, cd (anyVirtualEnvName)Scripts
5. type activate and install django (pip install django)
6. back to (foldername) open VSCODE
7. create django project (django-admin startproject (projectname))
8. then go to, cd (projectname)
9. create django app (python startapp (appname))
10. then make migrations (python makemigrations)
11. then migrate (python migrate)
12. then runserver (python runserver)
13. go to or http://localhost:8000/
14. You web app running successfully

Thank You

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