p1 Live watercolor tutorial -tulip 🌷 Botanical Art Part one

I had technical difficulties with my camera and had to start a new live stream here’s the link to part 2: https://youtu.be/e2KKuamNW-4

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Welcome to WATERCOLOR by Scarlett Damen on Youtube. Here you’ll find lots of (free) watercolor painting tutorials for beginners and new artists with simple step by step classes covering how to use watercolor and basics and beginner watercolor techniques. (everything from how to paint a graduated and variegated wash, choosing the right watercolor paper, to using salt, plastic wrap, soap and alcohol in your paintings as let’s not forget watercolor texture medium and of course everything you ever wanted to know about watercolor masking fluid… to name a few.)

I’ve also created many full-length watercolor lessons for intermediate and advanced watercolorists wanting to learn how to paint botanical art in watercolor. These classes include both speed paintings with commentary and full watercolor painting step by step demonstrations to help you learn to master watercolor techniques as well as lots of art tips, watercolor facts, and fun painting tricks to help you along your art journey.

My Watercolour Materials:

My watercolor supplies include Winsor and Newton professional Watercolor paints and Winsor & Newton Cotman paint as well as Schminke watercolors. I also love to make my own paint using Sennelier Watercolours pigments and sometimes include some Liquid Watercolors as well. In my humble opinion, these are the best watercolor paints ever!

I mostly use DaVinci professional watercolor sable brushes from DaVinci’s maestro series #35. However, I also love to use sable watercolor paint brushes from Rosemary and Co.

I love to work with 300gsm hot pressed watercolor paper from Strathmore or Arches or Canson (but I occasionally use 300gsm cold pressed watercolor paper too) For plain-air painting I use a hardbound watercolor sketchbook and for sketching and crafting new painting ideas I use 90gsm sketching paper from Strathmore artists paper.

I sometimes use watercolor pencils, watercolor sticks and watercolor markers from Winsor and Newton but watercolor tube paint are my favorite. Love to use dip pens instead of plastic pens and markers as I feel they are both more environmentally friendly and timeless.

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