Day 5 – JavaScript Game Development Tutorial in Hindi 2020

Welcome, to Final Day 5 on the JavaScript game development tutorial in Hindi in 2020. we already covered many important topics of JavaScript in the previous 4 videos. If you haven’t watched it till now, I highly recommend you to watch my 4videos first. In today’s final video on the JavaScript game development tutorial series, we will see all the remaining things that are left in our series of javascript game development tutorials in Hindi.
1: We will check the collision between the cars and once we get that function.
2: We want to stop the game and make the start screen reappear and we will ask the user if you want to restart the game or not.
3: We will make sure to get the score of the user and also update that on the screen so as to make it more useful and sense games. This way user can play with each other and knows who is the winner on the basis of the score.
4: We will also make sure that each car got a unique color so it looks attractive and also you will make use of CSS as much as possible to make the game UI look awesome. I really hope you all gonna love this.

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