VFX Tutorial: Ren's Powers

Learn how to easily create super powers visual effects like those in Ren or even Marvel’s Avengers just by filming simple elements in your backyard and blending them in Add or Subtract mode. Post-production supervisor Neil Oseman walks you through the process he used to create Ren’s (Sophie Skelton) wind powers in Season One. Go behind the scenes and follow an indie filmmaking team on their journey from script to screen.

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Ren: The Girl with the Mark is an original fantasy action series starring Sophie Skelton (Outlander) and directed by Kate Madison (Born of Hope).

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EPISODE ONE • http://youtu.be/DwXrfN_-GuE
EPISODE TWO • http://youtu.be/alT7IxwYd6U
EPISODE THREE • http://youtu.be/EiHzphCFBqE
EPISODE FOUR • http://youtu.be/fpj4sQqRNyw
EPISODE FIVE • https://youtu.be/agVEUnhx1zw


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