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2020 is here and so is your new year resolution. If fitness is your 2020 goal then check out how fit you are with this tutorial video. Check your BMI, cardio endurance, flexibility & strength with our fitness expert Anand Maina. Get motivated this new year and set your weight loss fitness goals. Not only with exercise but full-body workouts as well.

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अपना फिटनेट टेस्ट करें घर बैठे-बैठे. नए साल 2020 में अगर आपने भी ठान ली है अपने वज़न को घटाने की तो जुडे रहिए बुलबुल टीवी के नए शो “दम लगा, वेट घटा” के साथ और देखें हमारे सूरवीर सूरमाओं को जिम में जूझते हुए अपने नए साल की resolutions को सच करने के लिए।
अपने फिटनेस level को जाने के लिए ज़रूरी है BMI को जानना।BMI पता लगाने का फार्मूला है:

BMI = Weight/Height2
Good BMI – 18.5 – 24.9

अपने फिटनेस के बारे में और जानकारी के लिए आपको जानना ज़रूरी है अपना :

Cardiac Endurance – 3 Min Step Test के साथ

The higher the heart rate after the step test, the poorer is the cardiac endurance. You can read your pulse/heartbeat just after the 3 Min Step Test and check how fit is your heart. If it is between 51 to 76 per minute, then it’s excellent. If it’s from 126 to 161, it’s not good.

Strength Test- 1 Min Push-Ups

The recommended way to do push-ups is having your ear, shoulder, hips, knee, and ankle aligned in a straight line with elbows placed close to the ribs. People who find this difficult can do the exercise with their knees down.

1 Min – equal or greater than 36 = Excellent
1 Min – equal or smaller than 9 = Poor

Core Strength Test – 1 Min Sit – Ups

The recommended way to do Sit – Ups is to lie down on a mat with your heels close to your hips. Hands should be behind the neck and while getting up, one should lift the head, the upper body then the lower body and while lying down, the lower body should go down first, followed by the upper body and then the head.

1 Min – equal or greater than 40 = Excellent
1 Min- equal or smaller than 19 = Poor

Flexibility Test – Sit & Reach

The recommended way to do Sit & Reach is to have your legs close and straight while you are sitting. You have to touch your toe with your arms keeping the back relaxed. Make sure your knees should be straight. The more the distance from your hand and toe the poorer is your flexibility. If you can hold the toe it’s excellent!

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