Fly Tying Tutorial: Flymen Big Game Needlefish

The Flymen Big Game Needlefish puts a next-generation spin on a staple barracuda fly.

This fly will move Barracuda in Belize, Pike in Canada, and sizing it up or down it will catch musky, smallmouth, and trout in your local fishery as well.

Fish-Skull Body Tubing creates the elongated body of a Needlefish, and a Big Game Articulated Shank adds extra swimming action to attract your target species. Super fun tie!

Fly Recipe

Front Hook
Hook: Kona Universal Strong Streamer (USS), 1/0 (
Connection: Wire
Extended Body: Fish-Skull Body Tubing
Body: Ripple Ice Fiber
Body: EP Sparkle Brush 3″

Rear Hook
Hook: Kona Big Game Hunter (BGH), 2/0 (
Tail: Ripple Ice Fiber

Head Section
Head: Fish-Skull Articulated Big Game Shank, 28 mm (
Body/Head: EP Sparkle Brush 3″
Eyes: Surface Seducer Dragon Eyes, 8.5 mm (
Sealant: Loon UV Resin

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