Billion Dollar Profit Making Website Design | Multi Vendor | Ecommerce | 2020

Billion Dollar Profit Making Website Design | Multi Vendor | Ecommerce | 2020 English tutorial for web designers and everybody.
I have used for this tutorial free theme and dokan Multi Vendor pugin.
If you study this tutorial you can make fully professional multi Vendor ecommerce web site like amazon and aliexpress.

Full Web Design making procedure for Multi Vendor web Site design. You will learn full Multi Vendor web Site design.

Full WordPress Web Design With Divi Theme | 2020 New Interface

Tutorial Sections:

00:00:00 intoduction
00:01:55 create seller account
00:06:04 seller dashboard
00:07:46 seller account settings
00:10:40 seller payment settings
00:11:02 seller verification
00:11:38 seller social profile settings
00:12:29 Domain Hosting
00:13:44 WordPress setup
00:15:36 Clean website and important settings
00:18:48 install woocommerce
00:23:27 how to purchase dokan plugin
00:25:09 After purchase dokan plugin what have to do?
00:25:49 dokan modules settings
00:29:12 Install oceanwp theme and install demo
00:31:41 woocommerce Settings
00:39:02 Dokan plugin settings
00:51:36 Ecommerce multi vendor Home page design with elementor
01:24:27 Create ecommerce category
01:26:51 How to post a single product
01:31:13 How to add variable product in woocommerce
01:38:49 How to add coupon code in woocommerce
01:41:37 How to fix woocommerce search box
01:42:31 Shop page sidebar woocommerce settings
01:44:03 Follow us widget settings
01:46:36 Blog sidebar settings
01:49:04 How can customer purchase a product
01:51:00 Menu Settings
01:54:45 Top Menu Bar Settings
01:57:37 Typography Settings
02:00:02 Archive Settings
02:00:31 Blog design format settings
02:01:18 Make pages full width
02:02:26 Footer Settings
02:04:11 Create Contact Us Page
02:06:47 Thank You

00:00:00 intoduction

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