Amazon Private Label Tutorial – AMZ Scout Review and How-To Training Ad

Ad. This week I want to do a review and tutorial for AMZ Scout the Amazon data analytics tool.

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This is following on from my Amazon Private Label series of videos where I’ve been explaining all the parts of the process.

In this one I want to show you my pick for research and data analytics, if you want to find profitable private label products to sell on eBay and Amazon you simply can’t do it without a tool like this, without access to the data you are simply relying on dumb luck and the odds are pretty bad so what we need is data, we can use this info to find products that are already popular, that already have a hungry audience but not crazy competition so effectively we can filter down using real-time Amazon data to find just the right item to sell for a reliable long term income online which will 10 X your chances of success.

So why have I been talking about private label on these last few videos? Well, the reason is diversification, if you already have an established Online Arbitrage business or Wholesale business it’s a good idea to diversify in order too add profit but also spread the risk, if you have a few great selling lines and the law of chaos kicks in and you can no longer sell those items you do not want to be left without other income streams, the more streams of income the safer and more robust your business model is, plus you already have half the knowledge because you understand the Amazon selling business model, you know how they work so you are already half the way there, it makes sense if you sell in one category to explore another.

If you want to give this tool a try for yourself there is a free trial available here:

This video contains a paid promotion for AMZ Scout.

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