10+ ROAS?! 👀 How To Make Facebook Video Ads For Shopify Dropshipping On Your Mobile Phone

Tutorial about how to make Facebook video ads on your mobile phone for Shopify dropshipping. Step by step guide on how I make my video ads for shopify dropshipping, using my smartphone with a FREE app.

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In this video, dropshipper Alexander Polischuk shows how to edit facebook video ads using a free video editing app called InShot. This is how I create high converting video ads for my shopify dropshipping store. I use InShot app to edit all my videos, for facebook and Instagram. I found it to be the EASIEST way to edit a professional-looking facebook video ad for shopify dropshipping without any software or tools, using a FREE mobile app, InShot. Follow this step by step tutorial and learn how easy it is to create HIGH-CONVERTING video ads for Facebook.

✅ The Main Criterias For A Good Video Ad:

– 20-40 SECONDS VIDEO AD, this way it will be easier to target 95% Video Views and because most of the people don’t stick around to watch a full minute video ad.

– HIGH-QUALITY VIDEO CLIPS, This is for our ad to look as professional as possible and grab our audience’s attention!

– BULLET POINTS OF YOUR PRODUCT, this way we will have the most engaging text in our video ad for potential customers. You always want your text and ad copy will show the main benefits for your product and how this is going to change the life of your customers.

– AT LEAST 3 SCROLL STOPPERS, This way you will find out which video ad creative brings you the highest ROAS (Return On Ad Spend) so you will maximize your PROFIT.

Editing videos on InShot is very easy but you want to make sure you put all the RIGHT pieces together. Making a video ad for facebook ads should not be hard, make it SIMPLE, short and straight to the point with a good ATTENTION GRABBER!

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