Photoshop Digital Art with Me.

Art therapy is a psychotherapeutic discipline where the creator expresses themselves through visual art media. It’s great for depression and anxiety, as it distracts us from the negative thoughts, and let’s us relax and be mindful of our thoughts, feelings and state of mind.

Let’s do some art therapy together.

Watch me create some digital art on photoshop. I do all the work so you can relax and contemplate.

I get all my images from stock websites like Pixabay. If you have a photo that’s Creative Commons 0 (Public Domain) or 3 (BY By Attribute) and you want me to use in a digital art piece, tweet it to me @edenwaffles.
Today’s mixtape is a little soothing chillstep.

No talking in this video- Check out one of my other videos to hear what I sound like 😉

As a great man once said, “Stay a while and listen”.

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