My 2020 Productivity, Gaming, Video Editing, YouTube Setup

For the year 2020 I wanted to be sure my computer setup was made exactly for a creative person like me. I decided to make sure everything was setup in a way which would make ie extremely easy for me to work on any project, at any time, with whoever I wanted.

A lot of times I ended up not working on specific projects due to my setup being too messy or too boring and I did not want to even go into the office. I did not want to make any excuses for 2019 and want to make sure to create an environment where I could easily begin creating anything I wanted as quickly and efficiently as possible.

The issue I came across when considering what kind of setup to have in 2020 was whenever I would look at other people’s videos or their pictures – their setups where always incredibly expensive and showed off a ton of sponsored tech. I wanted to make the most efficient setup as possible and spend the least amount of money purchasing new items for my office. Instead I used all the tech I already had and found a way to connect it and make it as easy as possible for me to have a windows and mac ecosystem for editing video, streaming, YouTubing or whatever other type of endeavor I wanted to have in 2020.

I also enjoy watching movies and gaming a lot. So I wanted to create an environment that would be fun and exciting for me to go and spend countless hours consuming content as well as creating it. My headphones and monitors make it very fun to watch sports, movies, tv shows or play video games with my fiends.

Lastly, I wanted to have inspiration all around me at all times. For some people it is very distracting to have posters, music and movies around them. When watching Tim Ferris’ videos I noticed he always had some type of information giving him inspiration – if he utilizes this to aid him with his creative processes it would surely work for me. Right?

I know that I am pursuing a more minimal approach to life, but I am always thinking about the items that are around me and I push myself to make sure they are always adding value to my life. I want to become a well-known video creator. This 2020 setup will hopefully help me in being the most creative person I can be when it comes to video editing, video producing, Twitch and YouTube streaming, graphic design or just straight up gaming and having fun.

Thank you for watching this 2020 gaming and streaming setup. I hope you got some cool ideas for your setup and are able to have a great and productive 2020!

Post Author: hatefull