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“For In” and “For Of” are ways to loop through objects or arrays.

“For In” loops through property names of an object. Remember that objects are made up of property, or key, value pairs. In order to get the values we will need to reference the original object and use square brackets to define the property.

“For In” will work with an array. Instead of a named property it will use the index of each value. In order to get the values we would have to reference the original array and use square brackets to define the index of the value. A better solution would be to use “For Of”.

“For Of” loops iterate through items in a collection such as an array. It’s very similar to the “For In” except this time we are using the “of” keyword and passing it an iterable instead of an object.

So if we use a “For Of” loop with an array then we will not have to reference the original array using indices. It will just give us the values directly.

Note that “For Of” will not work with Objects because they are not iterable. And just remember that “For In” is for Objects and “For Of” is for Arrays.

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