How To Wrap Your Own Parascale™ Knife – Tutorial

How To Wrap CRKT Parascale™ Knife – Tutorial by Designer T.J. Schwarz

From his bench in Boise, Idaho, TJ Schwarz set out to marry the Deadbolt® lock innovation and a highly utilitarian outdoor/survivalist knife. The Parascale™ delivers in spades with a 3.2” drop point, deep-bellied blade with a satin finish. It’s balanced by a durable glass-reinforced nylon handle wrapped in paracord—an ideal tool to always have on hand when you’re miles from anywhere. A thumb stud lights it up and the IKBS™ ball bearing pivot system quickens the opening action. It locks into place with Deadbolt® and will stay there—enduring incredible stress and weight—until it’s simply closed with the prominent button. It’ll have your back in the backcountry.

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