Half-Up High Ponytail EASY Wig Styling Tutorial! Ft. Jaymes Mansfield Beauty Wig

Hi guys!! Woohooo today’s video is a tutorial on this super easy half-up half-down Ariana Grande -esque ponytail style. I’m excited because not only is it my first video of the new year but I’m also trying out a wig from my friend Jaymes Mansfield’s wig line, Jaymes Mansfield Beauty! This is the colour Veruca Auburn: https://www.jaymesmansfieldbeauty.com/collections/frontpage/products/veruca-auburn

Anyway this style is probably the easiest I’ve ever done on my channel, no teasing or curling or steaming or cutting required! All you need is about 5 ish rubber bands, a brush, and bobby pins. Happy styling!

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