Curled Half-Up Half-Down Tutorial

This is a new hairstyle that I came up with and it is very pretty look that you can wear for almost any occasion you want.

Things needed:
elastic, brush, comb, hairspray, 0.75 inch curling iron/wand, (optional) satin ribbon

1. Brush your back into a half ponytail and make sure the elastic is tight
2. Split the ponytail in half
3. Curl both halves of the ponytail
4. Curl the bottom half of your hair
5. Use your comb to tease the underside of the ponytail in sections to add more volume and help break up the curls (optional)
6. Use your fingers to brush through the curls on the ponytail and bottom half to help break them up
7. Hairspray all of the hair to give your curls extra hold
8. Take a satin ribbon and tie it around the elastic of the ponytail

I hope you all enjoy this video.
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Post Author: hatefull