WooCommerce Product Attributes – WordPress Tutorial in Hindi Part-60

In this video you will learn about Product Attributes in WooCommerce.

Product attributes

What are product attributes?
A third and important way to group products is to use attributes. There are two uses of this data type that are relevant for WooCommerce:

First is via WooCommerce widgets. “Filter Products by Attribute” allows you to select a specific attribute. If you add this widget to your sidebar, customers can filter products in your store based on the attribute.

Second is via variable products. To create a variable product, an attribute must first be defined for the product. These attributes can then be used to make a distinction between different variations. More info at: Variable Products.

For example, if you’re selling clothing, two logical attributes are “color” and “size”, so people can search across categories for a color that fits their style and type and clothing available in their size.

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