Illustrator Tutorial: Gamepad Flat Illustration With Grain Texture

You can make your flat illustration stand out by adding a grain texture using brushes in Illustrator. In today’s design tutorial you will learn how to design a flat illustration and add texture on it in just three steps:

The first step is to create a sketch of what you’d like to design, for this example, I’ve created a gamepad with a crown on it, simply because I’ve started playing on my Xbox one again.

If you want to follow along and design the same flat illustration as me, you can download the sketch, one free grain brush and one free overlay vector texture image here:

In the video I’m using my grain brush pack called Arcadia.

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Step two: Once you have the sketch placed inside the Illustrator canvas, you can start tracing shapes using the Pen tool (P).

That will help you get to the flat design look, but if you’d like to give the illustration some dimension, start applying shadows and highlights using a grain brush.

Step three: The shading technique is done using the “Draw Inside Mode” and using the Paintbrush tool inside Illustrator.

This has been a fun personal project and I’m planning on doing more of these flat illustrations that have a grain texture applied in the future.

Time stamp:
00:25 Placing an image in Illustrator
00:30 How to sample colors using the Eyedropper tool
01:15 Trace sketch using the Pen tool
01:48 Using the mirror feature in Illustrator
02:10 Use the Shape builder tool
03:15 Drawing modes – Set to draw inside
04:20 Using the Paintbrush tool
05:35 Add a vector texture overlay image on your illustration

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