5 Most important string questions | String Exercise Hindi | Python Tutorial #23

In this video, we are going to practice five important string questions using python.
Most Important Questions on string:

Q1) WAP to input a string and print the frequency of the characters.
I/O : aabccy
O/P : a:2

Q2) WAP to input a string and print the character with highest occurrence.

I/O : aabbccyyyy
O/P : y:4

Q3) WAP to reverse every word of string in proper manner.
I/O: this is my book
O/P: siht si ym koob
Q4) How to remove all duplicates from a given string?

Q5) WAP to print all permutation of a String?
O/P: “123”, “132”, “213”, “231”, “312” and “321”.

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