24h Shopify Dropshipping Challenge (Product Revealed!) 🚀

🚀Today I’m attempting a 24h Dropshipping Challenge on Shopify!

⏳In 24 hours I will set up a Shopify page with all it’s necessities, find a great winning product, create an instagram ad and also schedule some Instagram promotions with influencers and or theme/meme pages that will hopefully bring us decent profit.

📲In the 24h period I only decided to run Instagram shoutouts as those have more potential to bring you more sales in a span of a day without having to spend multiple hundreds of dollars, as with Facebook Ads.

🔥Let me know if you guys want to see more of these type of challenge videos on my channel and also let me know if I should give this store away or do a 7 day instagram challenge with this exact store and then give it away!

💙Hopefully you guys Enjoy and are excited for the upcoming Videos!

🔧Use These Tools:
➡ Best Review App: Loox (30 Day Free Trial) – https://loox.io/app/ViliusDainora

➡ Best Product Research Tool: Shopinspect – https://shopinspect.idevaffiliate.com/108999.html

➡ Other Best Product Research Tool: E-Sniper – http://app.e-sniper.com/amember/aff/go/vdainora

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