#00 Overview Android Development Beginner Series #01 (Urdu/Hindi)

Android Development Beginner Series #1 in 2020 (Urdu/Hindi) for those students who want to learn making apps for Android phones from. This playlist will teach you from very basic fundamentals of an Android Development process. This course will be in Urdu/Hindi language. Programming language that will be used is JAVA.

Target Audience:
If you are new to Android Development , These Android App Development tutorial in Urdu/Hindi will help you to start your career as a Android Developer and achieve your goals. In the End of this Android Development series-1 you will be able to create your own apps.

.Learning Expectation:
1- End of the playlist you will able to create basic android apps such as calculator, list of people with images, multiple screens navigation, login form and registration form.
2- Will able to run app on real devices and share .apk file to friends and family to install your first app.
3- Androidx new updated features in 2020.

1- Knowledge of Java (Syntax, Variables and Casting etc).
2- Laptop or PC with installed Android Studio.
3- Android Phone (Optional)

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