Android Tutorial #13 | Values Folder – The Complete Android Developer Course

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The android studio layout is different than eclipse. When you create an android application in Android Studio, Android Studio automatically creates certain folders inside which necessary files are placed.

The three main important files for any Android Application in Android Studio are, activity_main.xml and AndroidManifest.xml – Inside we write the java consisting of classes, functions, methods, variables and datatypes

activity_main.xml – Inside activity_main.xml we design the layout of your android application, activity_main.xml is the responsible for the front end part design of your android application in Android Studio. Various attributes are declared in this file which we have to further link to the proper datatypes in .java file

AndroidManifest.xml – Inside this file we define certain permissions, android logo, activity order etc. u

Gradle files are useful for generating android packages of any android app in android studio. You can also change the minimum and target api from the gradle files.

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Android Tutorial #13 | Values Folder – The Complete Android Developer Course

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