Creating A Shopify Print On Demand Store Live | Day 5 – Print On Demand Challenge

📆DAY 5: Store Setup, Home Page, Necessary Apps, Product Page & Description etc.

🎉It’s finally here! The Print On Demand (POD) Shopify Challenge.

🚀This is the start of a small video series that will stretch over 7-8 YouTube Videos.

👁We will dive into each step needed while creating a successful POD Dropshipping Store with Shopify.

✅That means: Store Setup, Pricing Strategy, Finding Designs, Creating Designs, Finding Suppliers and also launching Ads and making sales!

💙Hopefully you guys Enjoy and are excited for the upcoming Videos!

🔧Use These Tools:
➡ Check out Debutify –

➡ Best Review App: Loox (30 Day Free Trial) –

➡ Best Product Research Tool: Shopinspect –

➡ Other Best Product Research Tool: E-Sniper –

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