Pole Dance Tutorial—Pole Ninja’s Silent Tutorials: The "Deuces Spin"

Dr. Ken’s “Silent Tutorials” have been extremely popular in the pole dance industry on Instagram. They are meant to be as quick and easy to digest as possible, and yet also be very progressive and informative.

He’s sharing much of the content on Youtube as it’s a better platform for finding specific material. Apologies for the Low Res as they were originally intended for Instagram.

The complete Silent Tutorials, as well as many other tutorials, are available for FREE on Dr. Ken’s website: https://poleninjatutorials.com/

There are also Extended Silent Tutorials in HIGH RES available on Dr. Ken’s Website if you would like more details and more technical tutorials. He has several spoken tutorials available as well.

You can also follow Dr. Ken on Instagram: @doctorkenpoleninja
On Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/PKChiro

More info on the “Deuces Spin”
This is, essentially, a spinning invert. Don’t be deceived, though, it takes a lot of core strength! Progress slowly. It looks like “nothing” for quite a long time until you get enough rotation away from the pole.

About Dr. Ken:

“I’ve been touring and teaching pole internationally since 2014. I’ve now taught in over 35 countries.

“I built my reputation on dynamic and fluid movements, but I’m proud to be known as an instructor for accessible and intuitive progressions.

“Though it’s true that I’ve competed, placed, and judged in numerous prestigious International venues, it’s my background as a Doctor of Chiropractic, a Kung Fu and Parkour Instructor, and my lifetime of movement as what best qualifies my teachings. Additionally, touring regularly with Marlo Fisken has given me irreplaceable insight and experience.

“I hope you can find these tutorials innovative and educational, and most of all, movement enriching.”

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