[Polymer Clay Tutorial] Christmas domed beads

Hello dear polymer clay enthusiast!
I’m still exploring the possibilities of Christmas inspired clay pieces. I hope you’re still in the mood for Christmas inspiration. I’m always in the mood for such inspiration.
If you like dimensional beads, I think you might like these polymer clay domed beads. That you can decorate with the embossed texture of your choice and color with the mica powders that you most like. Not to mention that you can easily adapt this idea and turn these beads into larger Christmas decorations:)

Material list:
black polymer clay
round cutter
fondant cutter
silver mica powder
pasta machine
varnish and a brush
craft knife
round ball tools
oven and oven thermometer (recommended

Here’s another idea for a shape made with a rectangle cutter. https://learnpolymerclay.blog/2019/12/06/how-to-make-winter-inspired-beads-using-polymer-clay-resin-and-embossing-powders/

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