How to make a website with WordPress – 2020 full WordPress tutorial

In this video I have taken my time to show you how to create a website(, this video was born after I watched a few videos on Youtube discussing how to make a website. Most of these videos are old and some of the tips and tricks employed in them no longer works today, hence the need for me to make this full tutorial on how to build a website with great focus on what works today and in 2020 with all the updates WordPress have made over the months.
By following the steps in this video, you will understand and be able to make a website for either yourself or a client. I have been a website designer for the past 15years and in this video, I used a live project to teach you how to create a website while creating a website for my client.
This website was built with wordpress ( which today powers over 30% of all websites online today according to
The popularity and ease of use is the reason I decided to make this website tutorial video a wordpress tutorial as well because wordpress websites are in very high demand around the world. Hence, I can confidently assure you that you will be able to create a wordpress website after watching this full website tutorial. I started from the very beginning
1. Choosing and Buying a domain name 00:14
2. Linking your domain name to an existing web hosting 9:21
3. Downloading wordpress from 18:02
4. Uploading wordpress 15:00
5. Setting up your database 22:46
6. Installing wordpress 24:46
7. Choosing and Installing a wordpress theme from 28:13
8. Publishing wordpress blog articles 31:02
9. Installing WordPress Plugins
10. Editing your css
11. Adding pages
12. Setting up your menu
13. Changing your Permalink
14. Finishing Touches

This means that this wordpress website tutorial is also for beginners with no prior knowledge on how to make a website using wordpress.
If you look at the list above with the timestamps, you will notice that most wordpress basics were covered in this very detailed 50mins video
This means that you can either start a website today by making your own website or make a website for your community, church, organisation or even a blog for your school without having to pay a very heavy cost to a third party

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If you are wondering how much website builders make, this video will throw more light on this
I also made separate videos that explained
1. how to buy a domain name and hosting here
2. How to connect your domain to an existing hosting here
3. Install wordpress, theme, and import theme demo here

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