Pandas (Python) Tutorial 3 (Online Sales and Marketing)

After finishing this third tutorial, you should have good grasp on basics of Pandas. Please like my videos and subscribe if you learning. Please stick with this series, you will be able to sell your products on Amazon efficiently after this whole series.

Sorry, it is taking time to teach. So, videos may be this long or little shorter. However, you will be able to make thousands of Dollars after finishing this series.

Remember, after learning Pandas, you will be able to do Artificial Intelligence later on; including, Computer Vision and Natural Language Processing. I will make tutorials for all. With excel, you cannot do to much.

My github code for this tutorial series.

Pandas official website reference to .plot()

You have to study Statistics along with this. There is no other option. Here is the website for getting free statistics books. Search “Statistics” here. Chose around five textbooks. If you don’t understand a concept in your main selected book, try to clear from other books.

These textbooks seems good.

For to learn statistics concepts, check this website and tutorial on Youtube.

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