Abducens Nerve – Anatomy Tutorial

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Abducens nerve is the 6th cranial nerve. It is purely motor and supplies only one muscle—the lateral rectus of the eyeball.
Its general somatic efferent fibres arise from the abducent nucleus in the pons.
Inside the pons, fibers from the facial motor nucleus of the facial nerve loop over the abducens nucleus, thus the facial colliculus is formed.

The facial colliculus is an elevated area located on the pontine tegmentum in the floor of the fourth ventricle.

The abducent nerve arises at the lower border of the pons opposite the pyramid of the medulla. At this level medially to the nerve is the basilar artery, and also closely related to the nerve is the anterior inferior cerebellar artery which originates from the inferior part of the basilar artery.

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