Make Numberblock 5 Figure (Surprise Inside) – Fun Crafts Tutorial for Kids (Fan-Made)

Let’s make Number 5 together!

We made Number 1 here:
Number 2 is here:
Number 3 is here:
and Number 4:

First designed a very simple box with the Foldify app and painted it over.

Then we printed it out, cut, folded and glued together. Repeated 5 times 😉

And we cut a hole so our Ozobot can fit inside 😉

What do you think about our Number 5?

And rather don’t ask us for Number 6… Ozobot will not make it ;(

Check out Foldify here, iOS:,id_40296.php

If you want us to make more of videos with DIY/ crafts tutorials… let us know in the comment below!

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Please note that this is fan art, we are not affiliated with Numberblock, Foldify or Ozobot makers.

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