Edible Holiday Cracker Tutorial (FULL LENGTH)

Holiday crackers are a staple table decoration in many countries all over the world, but have you ever EATEN your cracker after the fun of opening it is done? Now you can! In this full length tutorial, I teach you how to create your own COMPLETELY EDIBLE holiday cracker!

Supplies you will need:
Satin Ice White Modeling Chocolate (www.SatinIce.com)
*You can make your own modeling chocolate from corn syrup and candy melts if you do not have access to Satin Ice
White Candy Melts
Icing Images Pearl and/or Silver Flex Frost printed with Icing Images iDesigns Pattern (#48, # 267, #268 were used for this tutorial) ( http://www.icingimages.com/#_l_21 )
Icing Images Wafer Paper
( http://www.icingimages.com/#_l_21 )Flexique
Flexique Glue (www.flexique.com)
Piping Gel
Cakes by Kristi Snowflake Ornament Sprinkle Mix ( https://www.etsy.com/listing/759923693/snowflake-ornament-sprinkle-mix )
Paint Brushes
Offset spatula
Cardboard Paper towel or Toilet paper roll
Parchment Paper
Xacto Blade
Rolling Pin
Cel Board
Pastry Rulers (Mine are from Country Kitchen Sweet Art)

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