DrumComputer by Sugar Bytes | Working with Sequence Patterns Tutorial

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In this video tutorial, Joshua Casper will teach you all about sequence Patterns in DrumComputer by Sugar Bytes.

About DrumComputer by Sugar Bytes
Synthetic Beats

Calculating Beats…

DrumComputer is the new specialist for synthetic drums, combining classic and modern synthesis with flexible modulations and luxurious sequencing. Intelligent randomizers, elegant pattern editing and import of your own samples are just a few of the mind-blowing possibilities. Enjoy new drums every day and get inspired by all the creativity that DrumComputer sets free. Just because, there still is all the unheard of.

Key Features

8 Sound Engines, each one layering a Resonator, Wavetable and Resynth

Filter, Compressor, Overdrive and 2 kinds of Send Reverbs: Room and Hall

2x Env/LFO, plus Synth-Engine-Modulators, Sequencer-Modulators, ModMatrix

Intelligent Randomizers for endless Drum Sounds

16 Step Sequencer and Pattern Generator, Probability, Rolls, +/- Step Delay, Swing, Humanize

Auto- und Manual Remixing/Fills

Easy Keyboard Mapping for Patterns, Mutes and Engine Triggers

Key zones for Rolls, Pitch and Modulation

MIDI File Drag & Drop

Multiple Audio/MIDI Outputs


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