How to Convert Your Music From 440Hz to 432Hz/528Hz (Official Tutorial)

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How musical frequencies and vibrations control your subconscious mind and body? If you can realize that you are listening to a lot of intervals, you can still hear the music in the silence, the beauty in the silence. The power of the interval can reprogram the subconscious mind in a positive way. Listening to 432Hz music can unlock the right brain hemisphere. You can now unlock the creative part of your brain which is what you need to become limitless. Music that comes from a place of love will give you a whole brain functioning that I have created in this music that will create a mindscape, imagery, and higher consciousness that will serve you to become your greatest version. Never listen to music that will throw you off and keep you distracted and keep you in a lower state of consciousness. Music is the unity handshake. People who don’t even know how to speak a language can listen to music that can touch your heart space through the right frequency and vibration which will also alter your DNA which we call music energy and the energy that I want to give you in my channel is uplifting timeless music of all genres that can unite two worlds between the awakened and the awakened together because we are all one!

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