How To Boot Up Your Windows 10 PC Into Diagnostics Mode Tutorial

How To Boot Up Your Windows 10 PC Into Diagnostics Mode Tutorial

In this Windows 10 tutorial I will be showing you how to boot up your PC into diagnostics mode when started up. Windows diagnostic mode is a bit like safe mode but with more options available, it basically loads only basic services and devices. Sometimes your PC may not be performing as it should or you may be encountering errors on your PC when you startup, so by booting up Windows 10 in diagnostics mode you may be able to source the cause of your issues.

If you are still having issues on your Windows 10 PC whilst running in diagnostics mode then I would recommend booting up your PC into safe mode as that mode disables even more options.

Just remember you can revert your PC back to normal startup mode very easily.

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This Windows tutorial will work with all Lenovo, HP, Dell, Acer, Asus, Samsung, Toshiba desktop computers and laptops using Windows 10 Home, Professional and Enterprise. If you have a Windows tutorial you would like me to look into doing, then please feel free to contact me.


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