Hi Loves!! Welcome back to another video. Thoughts on this palette? Watch till the end to hear my thoughts.

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Hello and welcome to my channel! My name is Joshua, I’m a fifteen year old boy. I turn sixteen in January of twenty-twenty. I started makeup in April of 2018 as a creative outlet for myself. Seeing other boys in makeup really inspired me because growing up I’d never seen or heard of that. I’m not the best at makeup and I know that, but if I can help, inspire, or encourage anyone in this makeup world I’m happy! Makeup IS a one size fits all and no one can tell you or me differently. On my channel you’ll find tutorials, chit-chat grwm’s, first impressions, favorites videos, and some reviews. I post every Thursday but that could change in the future. I have an instagram dedicated to makeup which is @makeup_byjoshuaaa I post there short tutorials, pictures, and I chat and update on my story all the time. I’d love to have you join this little family of mine, hope to see you stay and subscribe. Have an awesome day!! Xoxo -Joshua

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