Allan Holdsworth – The Un-Merry Go Round Lesson & Tutorial pt. 1

Allan Holdsworth – The Un-Merry Go Round Lesson & Tutorial
pt. 1

Opening Pentatonic riff: 2:20

Intro chord swells & chord analysis: 7:29

Outro swell section: 13:24

D Pedal Section: 14:57

Allan’s ‘add9’ voicing structures: 15:32

Harmonizer Section (bleh lol): 22:22

Hey all! This video goes over the majority of the different sections for the beastly Un-Merry Go Round but the song is not bad at all. There aren’t many different parts and most of the chords are not that hard to play. The issue is you need a lot of different effects in order to re-create it exactly. In fact with my amp, I could probably do this entire song live, which is pretty cool!

This song is also very good in describing how Allan views chords. I did not add the ‘swell’ and middle sections as the next video will focus entirely on those sections. I will also be able to go more in depth with why naming some of Allan’s chords are tricky. I do touch upon that a bit in here.

Also as I noted in the video, I had a brain fart. I was calling a chord something silly without realizing I can just call it a sus4(add9). This is because I was concentrating on thinking of the chord as a sus2 with a 4, instead of a sus4 with a 2. The corrected chord name was added to the chord chart.

Some of you also might take some issue with some of the chord names. I figured I would add I did not take the bass note into consideration and only focus on the chords. I also tried to give the chord the most straightforward name I can, even if functionally it might not be correct.

Also, let me know what other songs you would like to see! For those that do not know, I have written a book that lists and arranges chords used by Allan. In doing that I have transcribed over 50 of his tunes. If you really dig these videos, drop me a like or a subscribe. Thanks!

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